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Earth Day 2016 – hope for the future?

It’s Earth Day friends – time to celebrate, reflect, and move forward on how we can take ever-stronger care of this planet!

That means supporting our neighbours, building sustainable communities, transforming our energy systems, and advocating for strong climate leadership at all levels of government, in how we live/work/play. Some even say to drop the “Earth Day” label entirely, as it does more harm than good… might be worth considering: http://www.thenation.com/article/let-earth-day-be-last

To celebrate, I was planning to share some awesome events you can take part in over the coming days… but when I checked my favourite sites for Mississauga, there wasn’t much happening! The events I did find are sold out (a promising sign), so I was quite surprised… I’d love for those reading this to share any public events in Mississauga they know about, on this topic, in the comments below. If you live somewhere else, please share local opportunities with your friends, too! The more action we take, the better!

To reflect, I encourage you to watch the video from the Paris Agreement Signing event, below, while thinking about what each of us can do in our own lives to tread lightly, respectfully, more aware and informed, on this Earth. Leonardo doesn’t mince words, despite the promise the Paris Agreement holds – we have a LOT of work yet to do. Ask yourself – what changes can I make to help my kids, and their kids, have the same quality of life as me? What do I need to be happy – can I change it, to also be sustainable? For me, it means working to ensure I waste as little as possible in everything I consume, while learning about climate change issues and solutions through research and conversation, and volunteering in my community for projects that deliver healthier air, soil, and water.

Finally, on moving forward… now is a great time to join the conversation on sustainability! Learn about all your local community leaders, whether they are from government, industry, NGO’s, or academia. Learn from them, work with them to foster solutions, advocate for strong policy/regulation, a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy, and inspire greater involvement in the movement to tackle climate change locally and abroad. Another crucial element is to learn about where we came from (sustainability in history, solutions in the past) and where we are, today (do we respect the land we live on, are we learning about indigenous history, decolonization, and reconciliation?). If you need resources on any of these topics, start a conversation!

Some great organizations in Mississauga to work/learn with:
http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/ (+ the sub-page “green“)

Remember, above anything else – you are NEVER alone in the shift towards sustainability! It is a hard, at times stressful battle, but you can always reach out to me, your friends, colleagues, and community leaders, part of the movement of millions working to restore our climate to a more balanced state.

We can do this, we are the majority.

Earth Day is every day…so we don’t need the label to define us, direct us, or hold us back!


A scorcher of a year – 2015 in review.

Take a guess at what 2016 will look like. It’s a race between climate action and consequence – and we’re under pressure…

Source: 2015 was record-busting hot, scientists say

Far more than just a number, 7 billion is a unique opportunity to change the way we think about population and do our society a big favour for generations to come…Let’s start the discussion NOW. :]


The world population is hitting 7 billion. But what does that really mean? In this comic, we unpack some of the numbers and nuances. Click the image below to view the comic, and then click on each page to go to the next one:

people poking their heads out of a box

For those without javascript enabled, here are links to each page:

  1. 7 Billion, Unpacked
  2. Behind the Numbers
  3. The Good News
  4. Room for Improvement
  5. What Goes Down Can Look Up
  6. So What Can You Do?

Or you can download and read the comic as a PDF.

Written by Lisa Hymas. Illustrated by Thomas Pitilli. Lettering and headers by Warp Graphics.

[UPDATE: This has been updated to reflect the fact that Oct. 31, 2011, has now come and gone.]



"7 billion" series logoRead more on population. Check out our series 7 billion: What to expect when you’re expanding.1. World population projected to reach…

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Absolve old, resolve new – move forward.

Hi everyone,

Your star is not like any other, it will shine and follow it's own path.

I hope your new year is off to a grand start and you are productive, ambitious and positive – a new year should be a new leaf and your chance to renew, refresh and reboot!

For me this year will be full of it’s fair share of challenges, twists & turns and hopefully, some triumphs.

Though I never really made (or followed) resolutions in the past, I made a concerted effort last year with a fairly long list. I mused that committing myself in public view (through my facebook page) would give me the drive to achieve these goals and improve focus – it worked! 2012 gave me plenty of new opportunities but also very meaningful support and relationships where I could share goals, stories, trials and tribulations and everything in-between with friends both near and far. I have to give a special shout-out to my friends Selina and Tammy who, even a world away, kept in touch with me as we all shared stories of our adventures in new parts of the world and new experiences back home.

As I feel last year was a success, not it will be put to the test. Below you will find my resolutions from last year, exactly as I wrote them to face

book (and I guess only now, truly public). I have given the “answer” to those 2012 resolutions, my best estimate of how far I got down my goal to set me up for – you guessed it – 2013! Below the goals past you will find my new list of resolutions for the year after the world ended, I hope it can inspire just a little if not motivate you to create a list as well!

2012 Resolutions and Results:

Keep moving, you'll get where you need to if you follow your passion!

My New Years resolutions:

-Eliminate my carbon footprint (multiple steps and methods…) => Neutralized my flight emissions and then some with stewardship…but still got a long way to go!
-Eliminate OSAP debt => 60% complete! 😀
-Double the backyard garden => DONE!
-Reduce garbage to one bag (10kg) a year => Just wasn’t ready to plan or prove
-Start a community garden => Supported community gardening at my new job (but definitely did not start!)
-Finish a half-marathon => Did a 10km run and it was a blast!
-Return to Atlantic Canada, 3 weeks + 1 week to Montreal and Ottawa => Returned to Ottawa but the others, not yet!
-Read 15 books…not including school => Read 11 amazing books – a bit too ambitious!
-Pursue meaningful photography => Now a lifetime passion!
-Start a photo blog and publish 52 posts in total (1 for each week!) => Blog started and thriving, but only churned out 40 posts!

2013 Resolutions:If you climb high enough, you can fly.

-Offset my carbon footprint through stewardship by atleast 100%
-Neutralize my transportation footprint
-Eliminate OSAP debt
-Get into a Masters program for Urban Planning
-Exercise with a passion
-Double the backyard garden (again!)
-Finish a half-marathon
-Trip to Atlantic Canada and B.C
-Read 15 non-school books
-Reach 10 000 combined views on my 2 blogs (currently 3 400)
-Create an invention to support global sustainability and try to bring to market

Despite what I have said earlier above, the most important thing is not to make a list, but to live your life fully and freely. Always try and find focus and peace in your life and stay determined… use whatever network you have – no matter the size, to keep you inspired towards your true passion and interest in life…it will take you places!
Indeed, happy new year everyone, this year is for you! :]

Celebrate! :]