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A Winter Hike at Erindale Park

Another day of wonderful winter weather, another hike, this time with a focus one particular hill! Explore my friends wonderful blog for photos and rich detail on this adventure! ‪
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I really hope I get to see such winter weather again this month! Get and enjoy the beauty of nature, whatever the season and weather is for you – it’s the best stress-reliever and idea-generator there is! ‪
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A dose of science a day keeps the apathy away, so check out this research from the U.S. on changing snowfall!
http://www.climatecentral.org/…/winters-becoming-more-rainy… (Great site for climate news!)

I hope Canada, as we revive our scientific leadership, unmuzzle scientists, restore funding and unleash the potential of our researchers, will add more perspective on our changing climate here, too – particularly in the Arctic.
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Dreams and Illusions

A soft blanket of white covered the land, glistening under the sun’s rays. The snow looked thick  but crumbled easily under our feet as my cousin and I trudged through to meet our fellow hiker. Our fellow hiker, Rahul Mehta, was very knowledgable about the area. He informed us that the Erindale Park, through which we were now strolling, was once a landfill that had been repurposed into a park after the closing of the landfill. The tobogganing hill to which we were headed was the last cap over the landfill. The tobogganing hill was surrounded by pine trees frosted with snow, and some straggling and bare deciduous trees. The view from the top was spectacular!


Rahul pulled out his cardboard while my cousin and I prepared our plastic bags to sail down the hill. The feeling of drifting down was great even though the ride was slow. But our luck was about to…

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Lost Rivers~

Take a trip, follow me, true rivers you will see.
Buried deep, in the earth, hiding long, their true berth.
Long unseen, forgotten too, yet the pollution rings so true!
Where’s the life, where’s the shore, where’s our conscience? Out the door!


Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 1.10.51 PM

Lets go ona journey of discoverythroughthe secretriversinthe world’sgreatcities.

Oncethe riversranfreely throughanyindustrial city withself-respect, as an integral partof the city’sinfrastructure. Houses werebuiltalong the banks. The powergaveenergy to themills andfactories. Butascitiesgrow,the rivers are sopollutedthat theyweredeadlydiseasecarriers ofeverything fromplague tocholera. The solutionthen wasto buryriversinurban areasandmergethemwithsewersystemswherethey havebeenforgotten, untilnow.

Lost Riverstakes us onan adventureintoandthrough theplanet’sinterior, andtracks thestory ofthe losturbanriversby leadinguson a journeyguidedbyundergroundurban explorers‘. Werun into thesubterraneandarknessdeepinboth

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