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A Winter Hike at Erindale Park

Another day of wonderful winter weather, another hike, this time with a focus one particular hill! Explore my friends wonderful blog for photos and rich detail on this adventure! ‪
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I really hope I get to see such winter weather again this month! Get and enjoy the beauty of nature, whatever the season and weather is for you – it’s the best stress-reliever and idea-generator there is! ‪
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A dose of science a day keeps the apathy away, so check out this research from the U.S. on changing snowfall!
http://www.climatecentral.org/…/winters-becoming-more-rainy… (Great site for climate news!)

I hope Canada, as we revive our scientific leadership, unmuzzle scientists, restore funding and unleash the potential of our researchers, will add more perspective on our changing climate here, too – particularly in the Arctic.
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Dreams and Illusions

A soft blanket of white covered the land, glistening under the sun’s rays. The snow looked thick  but crumbled easily under our feet as my cousin and I trudged through to meet our fellow hiker. Our fellow hiker, Rahul Mehta, was very knowledgable about the area. He informed us that the Erindale Park, through which we were now strolling, was once a landfill that had been repurposed into a park after the closing of the landfill. The tobogganing hill to which we were headed was the last cap over the landfill. The tobogganing hill was surrounded by pine trees frosted with snow, and some straggling and bare deciduous trees. The view from the top was spectacular!


Rahul pulled out his cardboard while my cousin and I prepared our plastic bags to sail down the hill. The feeling of drifting down was great even though the ride was slow. But our luck was about to…

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Berlin’s cultural landscape

Only in German, but the technology and imagery make this project worthwhile for all – explore Berlin from home. Let your mind absorb its architecture, design and passion for community. Let the precedents begin.


Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 12.54.12 PM

The view ofBerlinshowsa green city!

This impression isoften associated withBerlin. Make yourselfbe heard on theway through towntothe greenBerlin. TheTiergartenin the center, the forests and lakesin the suburbs, theBerlin Wall, decorative squaresandneighborhoodgardens,cemeteriesandespecially the manystreettrees belong toBerlin. Thelandscape architecturedevelopedthesegreen metropoliscontinuesconstantly, in line with thecitizensthat callin the middle ofthe citytothisquality of life.

More information on http://parcview.de/ (Website only in German)

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For the bees…we need them more than we could know.

The Extinction Protocol

January 26, 2013ENVIRONMENT“We’re facing the extinction of a species.” That’s what one Midwest-based large-scale commercial beekeeper told me last week at the annual gathering of the American Honey Producers Association (AHPA). And he meant it. Bee losses have been dramatic, especially in recent years. And beekeepers are feeling the sting. According to many who manage hives, commercial beekeeping won’t pencil out in the future unless things change, and soon. Beekeepers from across the country gathered in San Diego in mid January to swap stories and share best practices in the trade, as well as to learn more about the latest research on declines in bee populations (often referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder). Independent science continues to point to pesticides as one of the critical co-factors in bee losses — alongside nutrition and disease — and beekeepers continue to see major declines. And these losses parallel…

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Don’t just watch the movement…understand it, spread the awareness and be a part of it. #Idlenomore is not just a catch-phrase – it is a call for International solidarity and action for First Nations rights across the planet. Every contribution, protest, and voice will help make this movement a true force of change.

Elyse Bruce


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This morning, I was shocked to see some of my Facebook friends posting racist comments about the Idle No More movement.   Yes, shocked, as in “a severe offense to one’s sense of propriety or decency; an outrage.”

What in the world could anyone have said that would evoke such an emotion?

The comment was that “those Indians need to shut up.”

My friend Solomon Cyr, Executive Assistant to Chief and Council at George Gordon First Nation, was told the other…

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Canada & Winter – An unnecessary dichotomy.

To many new Canadians, seeing their first winter ever is a miracle to behold, it is a treasure. Appreciation is never higher then from those who need it most…

For farmers, winter is a blanket, a source of renewal and health and a fickle friend that can give and take away, just like any season.

Winter renews the groundwater, provides fresh life into our waterways and keeps the flow strong well into the spring. It helps keep pests in check, and directly sustains the lives of thousands of northern plants and animals – whether it be using the sea ice to hunt, cold waters to live or permafrost to grow within.

FWinter is a treasure, a rare, special season.or nature, winter is a precious gift. One of four equally valuable seasons in a cycle of life and death, preservation and consumption…All species in Canada depend on winter to some extent, it helps maintain balance both between species and between seasons.

Winter is ultimately the reason our country holds such a vast quantity of water – nearly all our lakes, ponds and wetlands can be traced to one of the grandest displays of winter in history – the ice age!

And yet…we are so disconnected today. Why does nearly everyone complain about winter? We try so hard to avoid it, salt it, not touch it, wish for it in the summer yet bemoan when it arrives. Even our forced connection to winter is unstable…we forget to use winter tires, wear fashionable clothes that don’t even insulate, pretty boats that make us slip and shovel our driveways all hunched over (bend with your knees!)!

What has happened to all the community, outdoor recreation and winter fun that we used to enjoy? We take advantage of what winter provides and sadly, very soon, it will just as easily be taken away.

We are losing winter, so much more than just a season.

Take a minute to appreciate that wonderful state of water falling outside – you should hope it keeps falling, because winter is not what is used to be, and it may not stick around much longer. As with the disruption of all other parts of our climate system, winter is becoming an increasing luxury – and should be treated as such: protected, preserved, enjoyed and understood.

Turn that indoor fear into some outdoor joy.

Go out and experience winter, here for a limited time. Thanks.

The Cores and Shells of South Korea.

Its time for another elemental exploration of South Korea, here I look at the magnificent landscapes I have seen so far in this complex country, and what it has said to me about place and people.

So…Earth, the 2nd element I am covering (the first was air) is oh so poetically described through my favourite animated series, Avatar – The Last Airbender, here’s what the Avatar Wiki page had to say:

“Earth is the element of substance, making Earthbenders and their people diverse, strong, persistent, and enduring…The key to Earthbending is utilizing neutral jing, which involves waiting and listening for the right moment to strike and, when that moment comes, acting decisively.”

And so, like Airbending – this art can be translated metaphorically to represent our connection to landscapes and the kind of people it most relates to. The expansion of people across this planet needed and to this day (especially in harsh, marginalized, poor or disaster affected-regions) displays these qualities and seem to be what keeps us moving forward. Though we certainly shouldn’t have to be violent in how we move and interact, that is also a trait found repeatedly in our history, be it representing colonialism, war or more positive achievements in technological innovation, strategic development and support and these days especially, politics (good and bad). Perhaps on a simpler scale think of it this way – that perfect answer you one day gave in class, the unexpected punch-line to a joke you added just before all hope was lost, that essay, uni. application or resume submission done just in time, that one decision which shaped your life…the list goes on~

Ultimately, if we wish to keep thriving on this singular planet, we will need to embrace characteristics mentioned under all 4 elements. As we can see already, endurance will only take us so far on the current unsustainable trajectory of society…long-term planning, conservation, adaptation and most of all, innovation to the current design of our development to one where cycles, closed systems and shared knowledge is the norm. :]