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Sustainable Community Giving~

So I thought I’d share some holiday tips this week while folks are scrambling – there is a better way, for you and the planet!
Day 5 of 5: Sustainable Community Giving~
These links below showcase some of my favourite community organizations working to make our lives, government, and built/natural environments as sustainable as possible. They cover not just issues of environmental sustainability, but also economic sustainability, social justice, investigative journalism, community programming, and government/media/corporate oversight.
I am proud to have supported many of these organizations, often with just a donation around $20 (#givewhatyoucan)… I encourage you to explore all the organizations listed, and please share your own, too!
This is a time of year to give back to the people and projects that we love, so that we can continue on a better path, each day, month, and year to come. Whether you give a little or a lot – or just send your thanks, it matters (and you matter, too 😊)! Know that for many of these organizations, especially the NGO’s and media, they are given far less attention and support than they deserve, and they often rely on donations by the many, to support the focused work that keeps them (and us) moving, forward.
So here’s my top 10 (…12…uh…14!) recommendations!
Ecosource (#1inPeelforlife): http://ecosource.ca/
National Observer (#exceptionallydeepreporting): https://www.nationalobserver.com/
Not Far From The Tree (#foodforestfriends): https://notfarfromthetree.org/
IRPP / Policy Options (#criticaldailyknowledge): http://policyoptions.irpp.org/
The Council of Canadians (#toughwalkandtalk): https://canadians.org/
The Story of Stuff Project (#watchallthevids): https://storyofstuff.org/
DeSmog Canada (#newsthatclearstheair): https://www.desmog.ca/
LEAF – Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (#treetalktrektendtrain): https://www.yourleaf.org/
David Suzuki Foundation (#smartcleangreenCanada): https://davidsuzuki.org/
Samara (#leadershipandaccountability): http://www.samaracanada.com/
Leadnow.ca – À l’Action (#theirname): https://www.leadnow.ca/
The Leap (#abetterfuture): https://theleap.org/
Alternatives Journal (#realsustainablenews): http://alternativesjournal.ca/
Evergreen (#greenercities): http://evergreen.ca/
Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone! I hope these five days of tips were helpful, in some small way (and helped offset all of the scary, difficult, and shocking news that seems to increasingly fill our world…). Know that there are so many bright spots in the world, and even the internet, today – perhaps more than ever before, but harder to find, share, and hear… We CAN make them shine brighter, and outlast the rather dark times we are in. Sending you all love, hope, and strength for the hill we will continue to climb, together, as long as it takes!
And for those in Southern Ontario, too, what an incredible wintry finish to December, perhaps an unprecedented snowfall in my lifetime, for Christmas Eve! I’ll share thoughts on this weather, the rarity of it all, and much bigger climate change talk, as this blog ramps (back) up, in the new year.
Now go back offline and have a #HappySustainableHolidays

Eat Green…Holiday-theme!

So I thought I’d share some holiday tips this week while folks are scrambling – there is a better way, for you and the planet!

Day 4 of 5: Eat green…holiday-theme!

These links below showcase some tasty vegan, vegetarian, and, um, “omnivorian” (meat!) recipes that I encourage you to try out (I have tried a few so far, as there are many!). Don’t worry too much about all the ingredients and amounts (unless they are essential), give it your own spin where possible!

Also, know that there are many awesome substitutions that can actually save you a lot of money – for example, search “flax egg” to discover an wonderful cooking alternative, with all the nutrients still there! Another magical (recent) creation to search is “aquafaba” – it will blow your mind (here are some recipes using it: http://bit.ly/2Dxz8R1).

Now, to the links!

30 veg recipes under 30min each: http://bit.ly/2C2XKTX
Plant-based holiday recipes: http://bit.ly/2phxpw0
Sustainable Table (epic database of recipes, with lots of categories and tons of resources across a huge NGO – just discovered!): http://bit.ly/1PNDl3i
Another swell database from MNN: http://bit.ly/2ziBfET
From the above site, my fav vegan pie!: http://bit.ly/2zi74xP
And of course, quick food waste tips: http://bit.ly/2kHm3wL

…P.S. this final link is here to cover all your bases!

Please share your awesome green holiday creations, recipes, and alternatives/substitutions, below! We can all do our part to lower our footprint, expand our culinary knowledge and techniques, and share with others…

…And I’ll leave it at that, please do share – in this land of plenty, with as many as you can, this holiday season. A sharing economy truly pulls everyone up, and provides opportunity where there was once burden.

Spread the love, y’all. ❄️💚❄️


Sustainable Holiday Designs!

So I thought I’d share some holiday tips this week while folks are scrambling – there is a better way, for you and the planet!

Day 3 of 5: Sustainable Holiday Designs!

The links below showcase some tips to minimize waste, and maximize (natural) green in your house, while also potentially sprucing up the outside, to help out some winter critters, too! This first link below gives some ideas on outdoor decoration using fully compostable materials, discovered via Not Far From The Tree (an awesome resource in every season!) on Twitter. Be sure to check out the link at the end of the article itself for more awesome decorating ideas! http://bit.ly/2C1UgAI

Here is another link, this time to “spruce up” (literally, use some spruce clippings!) the inside of your home for the holidays, with little to no waste, and a lot of beauty: http://bit.ly/2BrErj1

Another solid guide for home creations comes from the Nature’s Path (those granola bar folks – so delicious, but I can’t buy it with all that packaging, so I make my own now) blog. The ideas are almost all zero-waste, with a double bonus at the end, a “free guide to sustainable shopping” (connecting to yesterday’s post!) and “17 plant-based recipes” (connecting to tomorrow’s post!): http://bit.ly/2pevBE1

There are so many other designs, ideas, and creations to talk about, but this is more to have a conversation, so please share your green decorating tips, tricks, links, or even pictures of results up and ready in your home, below!

Coming up tomorrow, a big, fat, delicious post on all things FOOD! Making edibles for the holidays that are light on the wallet (mostly) and the planet, while tasting amazing. There will be food waste tips too, of course!



Shop Sustainable!

So I thought I’d share some holiday tips this week while folks are scrambling – there is a better way, for you and the planet!

Day 2 of 5: Shop Sustainable!

Today’s link is an awesome guide from SE Ontario, the Social Enterprise gift guide, shared with me by a good friend of mine. It highlights gifts that make an effort to be as local, ethical, and sustainable as possible (some more than others) – check it out!


-make your own gifts if you can!
-showcase art, local goods, and talent in your community!
-minimize global purchases (and the massive footprint due to shipping) – if you do have to buy something from far away (or online, in general), go with standard shipping, not express, for a big dent in transport emissions!

There are truly hundreds of great gift guides out there that focus on being good to the planet and the community, so please share yours in the comments below!

Here’s one more guide before I wrap things up, it comes from Canada’s Green Living Show: http://www.greenlivingshow.ca/blog-post/green-living-holiday-gift-guide/

…ok so here’s ONE MORE GUIDE! The wonderful Green Action Centre based in Winnipeg, Manitoba has truly covered all the bases in this comprehensive (yet succinct) guide, from material to immaterial, and from purchased, to painted, to cooked! Check it out: http://greenactioncentre.ca/featured/sustainable-gift-ideas/

At the end of this week I will highlight my top 10 (maybe more if I can’t stop) NGO’s to consider supporting this holiday season (the best gift of all, helping people and planet!) – stay tuned!


Cut the trash out of gift giving!

So I thought I’d share some holiday tips this week while folks are scrambling – there is a better way, for you and the planet!

My focus in these posts is on making life less of a “fast-cash, fast-trash” race to the bottom, and instead a more fun, creative, relaxed, and light-on-the-planet way of living. Don’t believe folks who say trying to be sustainable is a terrible burden or extra cost, because it rarely is (and not just because of the very real “environmental goods and services”!). It isn’t always easy, and the rewards can often be long-term to come to fruition, but it is genuinely good for you, and the world around you!

Day 1 of 5: Cut the trash out of gift giving!

This first link talks about packaging alternatives and avoiding garbage materials, while maximizing reuse: https://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/christmas-gift-wrapping-reduce-waste-recycle-reduce/90836/

This link, meanwhile, showcases an awesome technique and “bonus gift” that can help you avoid packaging, all-together, by going “furoshiki”! It’s very comprehensive: https://wellnessmama.com/318001/furoshiki-wrap/

Here’s a site that gives a great printable guide you can share, on all things “furoshiki”: https://www.treehugger.com/culture/furoshiki-youll-never-need-wrapping-paper-again.html

That’s all from me – please share your holiday packing and wrapping best practices below!


Rooting for Natives

Let’s talk solutions – biology, ecology, climatology…

Outstanding work happening at UofT’s Faculty of Forestry, I encourage you to check out the links in the article to learn more, and get involved!


Also – learn more about the Faculty, it’s programs/events/research, and it’s current struggle to survive, here: http://forestry.utoronto.ca

Earth Day 2016 – hope for the future?

It’s Earth Day friends – time to celebrate, reflect, and move forward on how we can take ever-stronger care of this planet!

That means supporting our neighbours, building sustainable communities, transforming our energy systems, and advocating for strong climate leadership at all levels of government, in how we live/work/play. Some even say to drop the “Earth Day” label entirely, as it does more harm than good… might be worth considering: http://www.thenation.com/article/let-earth-day-be-last

To celebrate, I was planning to share some awesome events you can take part in over the coming days… but when I checked my favourite sites for Mississauga, there wasn’t much happening! The events I did find are sold out (a promising sign), so I was quite surprised… I’d love for those reading this to share any public events in Mississauga they know about, on this topic, in the comments below. If you live somewhere else, please share local opportunities with your friends, too! The more action we take, the better!

To reflect, I encourage you to watch the video from the Paris Agreement Signing event, below, while thinking about what each of us can do in our own lives to tread lightly, respectfully, more aware and informed, on this Earth. Leonardo doesn’t mince words, despite the promise the Paris Agreement holds – we have a LOT of work yet to do. Ask yourself – what changes can I make to help my kids, and their kids, have the same quality of life as me? What do I need to be happy – can I change it, to also be sustainable? For me, it means working to ensure I waste as little as possible in everything I consume, while learning about climate change issues and solutions through research and conversation, and volunteering in my community for projects that deliver healthier air, soil, and water.

Finally, on moving forward… now is a great time to join the conversation on sustainability! Learn about all your local community leaders, whether they are from government, industry, NGO’s, or academia. Learn from them, work with them to foster solutions, advocate for strong policy/regulation, a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy, and inspire greater involvement in the movement to tackle climate change locally and abroad. Another crucial element is to learn about where we came from (sustainability in history, solutions in the past) and where we are, today (do we respect the land we live on, are we learning about indigenous history, decolonization, and reconciliation?). If you need resources on any of these topics, start a conversation!

Some great organizations in Mississauga to work/learn with:
http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/ (+ the sub-page “green“)

Remember, above anything else – you are NEVER alone in the shift towards sustainability! It is a hard, at times stressful battle, but you can always reach out to me, your friends, colleagues, and community leaders, part of the movement of millions working to restore our climate to a more balanced state.

We can do this, we are the majority.

Earth Day is every day…so we don’t need the label to define us, direct us, or hold us back!