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A simple clear, shiny idea – better windows!
Let’s get retrofitting!


Climate scientists have estimated that, in order to avoid runaway global warming, the world would need to cut its carbon emissions roughly in half by 2050. Since emissions in developing countries like China and India are still rising fast, meeting this target would require developed nations to aim for a figure more like 80 percent. When you consider that the United States, the largest polluter in the developed world, has no real strategy in place to achieve that — and that no binding international agreements appear to be on the horizon — the goal can start to sound nigh impossible.

The task is so intimidating that even serious people are starting to entertain extreme-sounding geoengineering ideas like flying business jets into the stratosphere and spraying sulfuric acid all over the place to try to deflect sunlight before it reaches the Earth. Others reckon it’s already too late to prevent…

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Inextinguishable – curious flickers…

Fire, the last of the elements I wish to cover in what I hope has been a curious and enjoyable 4-part series for those of you following! As a final pitch, I encourage anyone who hasn’t watched or heard much about Avatar: The Last Airbender to certainly check it out! It is a moving portrayal of human loss, struggle and power in a dynamic animated setting. These emotions are entwined in the imagination and awe of elemental powers with plenty of Buddhist and related culture flair!

SO what is the element of fire about? “Fire is the element of power, consisting of overpowering force tempered by the unflinching will to accomplish tasks and desires. However, the recently militaristic Fire Nation twisted this into Firebending being fueled by rage, hate, and anger. Firebending draws its power from the sun, and…[Firebending] is notable for its intensive attacking style and general lack of adequate defense moves, although some notable Firebenders utilize creative defensive moves…”

Anyways, as mentioned earlier, this is meant to portray South Korea’s 24-hour side, the immortal side; permanence, emotions, change, growth and perhaps loss in some respects…this is not the place to look for burning fires! (Sorry arsonists!)

As a result of this theme today I will not label my photos in the supplementary gallery (did you know I label all my photos in past galleries??), it is up to you to decide what they mean and represent. If any of you are curious however where and when they were taken in South Korea, feel free to comment away!

Take a look at these curiosities…

(yes there is a little fire at the end, but it’s one for peace, not aggression…) – Next up, mountains!