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A climate of certainty…

Through all the news and media and opinions in this world, is there any place left for certainty?

We have our economists worrying about the next recession, unsure what the markets and changing values of goods will cause and effect each day. There is fear to every new statistic, every new budget and every new speech. Then there are the politicians, who “assure” us by stating things like “difficult times”, “time of uncertainty”, “constraints up ahead” and “be afraid” (ok maybe not the last one).

These days many Teachers, Philosophers, Scientists and even large organizations simply talk more about the dangers and problems of today and tomorrow, rather than what we can learn and create as solutions. On another angle our world is almost every day heading into apocalypse…what will it be this time? Mayan Calender expiring? Human-created black hole? Meteorite/Space-junk heading for your city? Nuclear fusion gone wrong? All our laws of physics naught thanks to silly faster-than-light neutrinos? We are expected to worry now about everything!

Will I have a job next year?
Here comes the next climate disaster…why can’t they leave me alone!
Is dark chocolate going to prevent a heart attack or give me one…what to eat!
How will I pay for school or, more importantly, the next Apple product?
How much will that next grocery bill come to?
Did I leave my keys in the car?!?
2-ply or 3-ply? I can’t have tissue stuck to my bear-bottom!

Despite all this, and the incessant hunger of media to contort and exacerbate such feelings, there are certain things that have a level of certainty. Though the climate itself may be unpredictable and variable, its change and consequences to us (often due to the change we brought upon it) are very much in the realm of certainty. Climate change as it is known, is becoming an increasingly bleak picture – but one with two sides! This issue has the solutions; there are places the world over where lessons are being learned (and vice versa…) and genuine progress and improvement is visible.

To others, the news below may comfort in the knowing, frighten in the knowing and empower in the knowing…it really depends on what you make of it.

Oh Canada, the climate does not wait for thee~

The problem with not following promises, the climate does not forgive (and perhaps neither do the people!)

These conclusions are simply dripping with science, and a level of certainty!

A needle can pop a balloon of any size – a spill can pollute an ocean just the same…lets be clear on this.

Time to dole out the sunblock Santa, one can be certain you’ll need it!

Live in a house every says will only harm the planet? There ARE solutions and improvements you can make…I am quite certain free solar on your roof will make you smile! :]

Fear not, work and live towards a better future, no matter who tells you otherwise, you deserve it!