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Sustainable Community Giving~

So I thought I’d share some holiday tips this week while folks are scrambling – there is a better way, for you and the planet!
Day 5 of 5: Sustainable Community Giving~
These links below showcase some of my favourite community organizations working to make our lives, government, and built/natural environments as sustainable as possible. They cover not just issues of environmental sustainability, but also economic sustainability, social justice, investigative journalism, community programming, and government/media/corporate oversight.
I am proud to have supported many of these organizations, often with just a donation around $20 (#givewhatyoucan)… I encourage you to explore all the organizations listed, and please share your own, too!
This is a time of year to give back to the people and projects that we love, so that we can continue on a better path, each day, month, and year to come. Whether you give a little or a lot – or just send your thanks, it matters (and you matter, too 😊)! Know that for many of these organizations, especially the NGO’s and media, they are given far less attention and support than they deserve, and they often rely on donations by the many, to support the focused work that keeps them (and us) moving, forward.
So here’s my top 10 (…12…uh…14!) recommendations!
Ecosource (#1inPeelforlife): http://ecosource.ca/
National Observer (#exceptionallydeepreporting): https://www.nationalobserver.com/
Not Far From The Tree (#foodforestfriends): https://notfarfromthetree.org/
IRPP / Policy Options (#criticaldailyknowledge): http://policyoptions.irpp.org/
The Council of Canadians (#toughwalkandtalk): https://canadians.org/
The Story of Stuff Project (#watchallthevids): https://storyofstuff.org/
DeSmog Canada (#newsthatclearstheair): https://www.desmog.ca/
LEAF – Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (#treetalktrektendtrain): https://www.yourleaf.org/
David Suzuki Foundation (#smartcleangreenCanada): https://davidsuzuki.org/
Samara (#leadershipandaccountability): http://www.samaracanada.com/
Leadnow.ca – À l’Action (#theirname): https://www.leadnow.ca/
The Leap (#abetterfuture): https://theleap.org/
Alternatives Journal (#realsustainablenews): http://alternativesjournal.ca/
Evergreen (#greenercities): http://evergreen.ca/
Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone! I hope these five days of tips were helpful, in some small way (and helped offset all of the scary, difficult, and shocking news that seems to increasingly fill our world…). Know that there are so many bright spots in the world, and even the internet, today – perhaps more than ever before, but harder to find, share, and hear… We CAN make them shine brighter, and outlast the rather dark times we are in. Sending you all love, hope, and strength for the hill we will continue to climb, together, as long as it takes!
And for those in Southern Ontario, too, what an incredible wintry finish to December, perhaps an unprecedented snowfall in my lifetime, for Christmas Eve! I’ll share thoughts on this weather, the rarity of it all, and much bigger climate change talk, as this blog ramps (back) up, in the new year.
Now go back offline and have a #HappySustainableHolidays

Thanks for liking, but let’s talk!

With a campaign like #BellLetsTalk, you might wonder – so what? Why does it matter?

Having a conversation can go a long way – especially when it comes to mental health – you don’t need to look much further than social media to see it working, or not.

Consider Twitter, for example, it’s success is not so much it’s structure, a character limit, attached images and hashtags – these can be found on every blog, comment and posting forum that exists. Instead, it is those features combined with the ability to tag, the “@”, which can be used at a pace impossible in email and far more user-friendly. The world, more connected than ever, is hungry for conversation, and Twitter processes millions of thoughts, every single day. There’s great power and responsibility behind each tweet, use it but don’t abuse it!

Then, consider Facebook – have you noticed in recent years how there are fewer and fewer wall-to-wall messages, fewer comments, even fewer statuses, and ALOT more likes? I have, and it’s troubling. Facebook is a place where conversation can either thrive or die (loneliness by a thousand likes, as I call it) through the “wisdom of the crowd”. Essentially, we can each be creative, expressing our thoughts, debating, and sharing ideas. Or, we can all fall in line, liking, just like the previous person, and racking up counts, with little emotional attachment or impact for the receiver in the long-run. Is there a solution? YES! A simple message, a status (perhaps a question, challenge or hope?), a comment instead of a like, expressing your true feelings, can be powerful, as long as we’re respectful. I see it every day, and you probably do, too. Want more engagement on Facebook? Speak up! A picture is worth a 1000 words, so maybe we can do more than just 1000 likes? It’s good for everyone’s health to talk, but especially about an issue as silent as mental health.

So, do a lot of listening, but don’t be afraid to speak up! Conversations build community…they can save lives, too.

I hope this short “talk” can add to the conversation we need to be having so much more. :]