Rooting for Natives

Let’s talk solutions – biology, ecology, climatology…

Outstanding work happening at UofT’s Faculty of Forestry, I encourage you to check out the links in the article to learn more, and get involved!

Justin Dallaire

First it was American chestnut blight. Then came Dutch elm disease, and before long, the emerald ash borer. What one scientist believes could prevent the next big threat to our urban forest.

IMG_0910 (1) EAB create serpentine galleries as they bore beneath the bark of the ash. In large enough numbers, they prevent the proper circulation of nutrients and water, ultimately killing the tree. (Photo credit: Tom Hildebrand, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority)

THE ENTOMOLOGY LAB AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO is neatly organized, its tiny inhabitants safely stored away in cabinets along each wall. Eric Davies sits near the back of the room, feet on the table in front of him, his fingers drumming the side of his chair. His faintly greying, curly black hair and five-o’clock shadow obscure the youthfulness of his blue jeans and fall-coloured vest. When asked a question, his eyes grow big and attentive; his head nods…

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