King Street Redesign Update – April 2014

They could use your support! Learn more about the ION LRT and the King Street upgrades proposed in Uptown Waterloo, and how it all relates to future cycling infrastructure!

Waterloo Bikes

Remember that petition for protected bicycle lanes? Well it hasn’t been forgotten … yet 🙂

I attended the Waterloo Advisory Committee for Active Transportation meeting last week and received a very encouraging update from city staff.

Waterloo has indeed proposed protected bicycle lanes to the Region and is waiting for Regional approval of the plans before presenting to for another public consultation or to City and Regional councils for approval. The region has asked for a number of refinements to ensure the protected lane’s re-integration into traffic across the various intersections are safe. It’s something that hasn’t been done in the Region and they are nervous about taking on additional liability.

I’d say that makes sense, but the crazy liability that is our existing King Street seems far worse. I’m eager to find out if protected bicycle lanes makes it to council for a vote!

Thanks for the support, the petition is 12 votes from…

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