Guest Blog: The Cognitive Science Behind Climate Change – Tom Rand

Some amazing thoughts from my new friend, Lexi Salt – lots to learn!

Climate Students

This past weekend, I attended the Beyond Green Youth Summit in Toronto, organized by Earth Day Canada.  There were many phenomenal speakers, one of whom was Tom Rand.  For those of you who do not know him, Dr. Rand is a software entrepreneur turned Clean Energy Champion.  He explained the reasons why many people are unable to accept climate change (never mind do anything about it) from a cognitive science perspective.  This is the first time that anyone has ever explicitly explained this to me.  I believe that it is essential information to know, which is why I want to share my new understandings.

Dr. Rand referred to “denial’s siren song”; how seducing it is to pretend that climate change does not exist, as the consequences are scary to face.  Passive denial is the most impactful, “everyone is guilty of it, even me at some points”, he admits.  He used…

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