Our Mayor is supercharged for renewable transportation! Here’s hoping she carpools more now!


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Update: Since this blog was originally posted, the Chevy Volt driven by Mayor McCallion became a Bullfrog Power edition!  As seen in the Bullfrog Buzz, Mayor McCallion became one of the first to drive a Volt Bullfrog Power Edition.

There’s noticeable butterflies in my stomach. I haven’t been this nervous about meeting someone for quite some time, but then again, I haven’t met anyone as instantly recognizable as her since I ran into Rick Mercer back in my University days. I’m about to have a sit-down with the GTHA’s rock star, the indomitable Mayor Hazel McCallion. Sitting in the boardroom in City Hall, we sit down and discuss the City’s Let Your Green Show Campaign, O’Connor Park, the future of transit in Mississauga and The City’s environmental track record, which is about to take another turn for the better as they undertake a…

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