Far more than just a number, 7 billion is a unique opportunity to change the way we think about population and do our society a big favour for generations to come…Let’s start the discussion NOW. :]


The world population is hitting 7 billion. But what does that really mean? In this comic, we unpack some of the numbers and nuances. Click the image below to view the comic, and then click on each page to go to the next one:

people poking their heads out of a box

For those without javascript enabled, here are links to each page:

  1. 7 Billion, Unpacked
  2. Behind the Numbers
  3. The Good News
  4. Room for Improvement
  5. What Goes Down Can Look Up
  6. So What Can You Do?

Or you can download and read the comic as a PDF.

Written by Lisa Hymas. Illustrated by Thomas Pitilli. Lettering and headers by Warp Graphics.

[UPDATE: This has been updated to reflect the fact that Oct. 31, 2011, has now come and gone.]



"7 billion" series logoRead more on population. Check out our series 7 billion: What to expect when you’re expanding.1. World population projected to reach…

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