Absolve old, resolve new – move forward.

Hi everyone,

Your star is not like any other, it will shine and follow it's own path.

I hope your new year is off to a grand start and you are productive, ambitious and positive – a new year should be a new leaf and your chance to renew, refresh and reboot!

For me this year will be full of it’s fair share of challenges, twists & turns and hopefully, some triumphs.

Though I never really made (or followed) resolutions in the past, I made a concerted effort last year with a fairly long list. I mused that committing myself in public view (through my facebook page) would give me the drive to achieve these goals and improve focus – it worked! 2012 gave me plenty of new opportunities but also very meaningful support and relationships where I could share goals, stories, trials and tribulations and everything in-between with friends both near and far. I have to give a special shout-out to my friends Selina and Tammy who, even a world away, kept in touch with me as we all shared stories of our adventures in new parts of the world and new experiences back home.

As I feel last year was a success, not it will be put to the test. Below you will find my resolutions from last year, exactly as I wrote them to face

book (and I guess only now, truly public). I have given the “answer” to those 2012 resolutions, my best estimate of how far I got down my goal to set me up for – you guessed it – 2013! Below the goals past you will find my new list of resolutions for the year after the world ended, I hope it can inspire just a little if not motivate you to create a list as well!

2012 Resolutions and Results:

Keep moving, you'll get where you need to if you follow your passion!

My New Years resolutions:

-Eliminate my carbon footprint (multiple steps and methods…) => Neutralized my flight emissions and then some with stewardship…but still got a long way to go!
-Eliminate OSAP debt => 60% complete! 😀
-Double the backyard garden => DONE!
-Reduce garbage to one bag (10kg) a year => Just wasn’t ready to plan or prove
-Start a community garden => Supported community gardening at my new job (but definitely did not start!)
-Finish a half-marathon => Did a 10km run and it was a blast!
-Return to Atlantic Canada, 3 weeks + 1 week to Montreal and Ottawa => Returned to Ottawa but the others, not yet!
-Read 15 books…not including school => Read 11 amazing books – a bit too ambitious!
-Pursue meaningful photography => Now a lifetime passion!
-Start a photo blog and publish 52 posts in total (1 for each week!) => Blog started and thriving, but only churned out 40 posts!

2013 Resolutions:If you climb high enough, you can fly.

-Offset my carbon footprint through stewardship by atleast 100%
-Neutralize my transportation footprint
-Eliminate OSAP debt
-Get into a Masters program for Urban Planning
-Exercise with a passion
-Double the backyard garden (again!)
-Finish a half-marathon
-Trip to Atlantic Canada and B.C
-Read 15 non-school books
-Reach 10 000 combined views on my 2 blogs (currently 3 400)
-Create an invention to support global sustainability and try to bring to market

Despite what I have said earlier above, the most important thing is not to make a list, but to live your life fully and freely. Always try and find focus and peace in your life and stay determined… use whatever network you have – no matter the size, to keep you inspired towards your true passion and interest in life…it will take you places!
Indeed, happy new year everyone, this year is for you! :]

Celebrate! :]


2 thoughts on “Absolve old, resolve new – move forward.”

  1. I love that you’ve set a “social media” goal for your blog. Your writing is so enjoyable to read, Rahul. Keep it up!! Ps. We’re definitely going to be accountability buddies this year 🙂 You’ve inspired me to set sustainability goals again (and to actually write them out). Next Year, I will do a reflection post like you also.

    1. I was glad to have written these otherwise random goals throughout the fall and winter so that they came together into something meaningful – I’m really excited for this year, especially with my very own tyw buddy! 😛

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