Wherever you are in the world, you should read this.

Canada is NOT what you think anymore…

We are no longer a democratic society, where the people’s values, opinions and greater dreams for a healthy environment and place to prosper come true.

No, this is the Harper government, a regime where the oil and gas industry makes the game and doesn’t play by the rules, the environment is no part of this agenda, it has been pushed out and over the cliff.

Ultimately our sentiment to reverse this trend, this corruption, is failing, and that is because our system has failed us.

39% voted for this government, yet this government received complete power and control over our historic rights, passed-down laws, heritage, treaties and protection measures…at it tore them to pieces.

What’s most important about knowing this is letting others know. Tell your people in power what this Government has recklessly done, both here and around the world. Let them know that the Harper Government needs to become Canada’s government, protecting our water, natural resources, wildlife, heritage, First Nations, Infrastructure and health and prosperity of all Canadians!

Thank you for reading this and giving some support, in any way you can.

Financial Post | Business

OTTAWA — Heavy lobbying by the oil and gas industry has far outstripped any other interest group seeking to influence the Harper government over the last four years, according to a new study that examined the lobbyist registry.

The left-leaning Polaris Institute contends that the more than 2,700 meetings between oil and gas lobbyists and federal office holders since 2008 have helped turn Canada into a “petro state.”

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