Korea Performance Supporters!

I hope you have all been enjoying my photographic posts in my other blog since the new year! I will try and pull this one back to speed by telling you about a great new group I have become involved with here in Seoul, South Korea – the Korea Performance Supporters! Starting from just over a month ago the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) announced its recruited supporters after those who applied in March – everyone was given a spot! The goal of this group is to attend and send feedback on a wide variety of performances and cultural events held in Korea, all for free! By using tools such as this blog, facebook and twitter, our small network is trying to show those interested in Korea what they can expect in the arts and theatre – you may be surprised!

Perhaps the best part of this group (besides the gifts) is the great network of local Koreans and foreigners from around the world you get to meet! Are you interested in this group? You can still participate! The supporters main page where we share our thoughts, arts adventures and new “missions” is also partially available to the public to engage on, just register on-site and join the community, it’s a great way to learn about cultural performances in South Korea! One quick tip, use Internet Explorer for the best experience on site (I know it is old-fashioned but that browser is still popular here!).

Now you may be wondering why I am now mentioning this group on my blog? Well after a series of fun public events and meeting/networking with my fellow supporters, I got to see my first big performance! The name of this performance is Karma – a tale of love, betrayal, fate and classic good and evil, all wrapped in the mystique of the Yin-Yang/Ohaeng (five elements) theory. The dazzling display of colour, martial arts, dance and dramatic painting makes for a striking medium to display a piece of Korean culture and history. With the base of Ohaeng you can thus expect the struggle between light and dark ans well as the elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood – each represented through the incredible cast of characters and one extremely talented (and funny) clown! I won’t give too much away because you must come and see it for yourself! Now an international phenomenon, all the information you need can be found at Karma’s website (multiple language option at the bottom right): http://www.karma.kr/

I hope you enjoy the show as much as did, be sure to support performances in Korea! :]


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