Society…discovering a balance.

Though curiosity may have or have not killed the cat, some things can certainly be harmful in too much excess.

Ranting for instance, as well as arguing too much (we like to call it debate), sleeping too much, sitting too much (um, I need a higher desk) and eating too much cheese. Oh and a few other things.

And yet, while I keep pouring through news each day between the stuffing of schedules, work and wonder that is life, I learn; there seems no such thing as too much. Oh there is so much to learn. Between environmental crisis daily, social changes, new political debate and precedents, innovations and new discoveries…its amazing how much one can learn!

What I wonder with some of the news I see however is, “how much of this stuff actually happening is too much?”

What does this mean?

For example, how much political backpedalling, inaction or action against the right action can happen before the system breaks or the consequence gives way? Cause and effect is inevitable, yet we push against this seeming inevitability every day. It may not be intentional, but our collective actions (or more often these days, of those few with power, in its many strange forms) equal one planet worth of change, usually for the worst. Good change and behaviour is there too ofcourse, but as every religion and tribe would have said at one point in time or in some form – the balance is key.

And right now, this planet is treated way off balance. Its sick.

If an emergency happens in the forest will anyone hear it?
The balance between Diamond and Earth
Not a problem? Not a solution, either.
Definitely a problem up there (up as in government)

How to teach for Dummies, new correct edition!

Failure, there is more to it than meets the mind.
Not too surprising but stats tell stories.

Learning about stuff, and the money we still have.
Icy news…
Oil spill forever, no sequel required.

What I learned is how much we have to change behaviour still, and there really is an end-game if we don’t. We just refuse to see it. Our self-created consequences, despite the real effect and spread they already have, continue to be ignored for more tangible short-term gain. Like David Suzuki says “Solutions are in our nature”.

Nature would really love it if we turned those words into reality.


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