D-Cube city and the experiment of Seoul…

The following photo “journey” it could be called shows just a sample of some of the amazing architecture I have seen in Seoul. It is great to see that while this city is rapidly growing, it is no longer spreading up the valleys and into adjacent regions as it once did. Today, it is literally and figuratively growing up! Quite a few advantages are coming to this city from this more sustainable path of growth but also some potential problems – here’s a quick perspective:

-High(er) density, more space for other uses, especially preservation and public areas
-Tall architecture, can be creative, attractive, define a skyline and attract newcomers and tourists
-Tall space is more versatile, multi-use buildings are becoming the norm, to the benefit of the public
-All forms of transit benefit from density both in ridership and profit and more space to move around in!
-Less energy used per given area, big plus!

Bad (but fixable):
-Space saved may be wasted towards lower density and poor quality architecture rather than mixed-use or public space (poor planning basically)
-If architecture is poor or inefficient, a big cost to maintain and repair exists, also the problem of waste management in tall buildings persists…
-Tall buildings need more investment in weather-proofing due to increased risk and harsher situations (snow build-up, funneled winds, earthquakes, etc)
-Green space can become a problem and people often desire there own garden or outdoor private space…still a work in progress for tall buildings
-Risk to birds and bats from collisions is huge, this problem is still not addressed around the world much but kills more avian creatures than any other form combined…

So first, a day in D-cube city, a wonderfully designed multi-use complex, with quite a few green features too!

Other architectural wonders I have seen – though as locals have told me, this is just the “basic stuff”, I look forward to see something grander soon!

Talk to you all again soon – mountain climbing up next!


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