Chuseok celebration and +/-!

The celebration of Chuseok two weeks ago was a weekend full of great memories and a much-needed break from all that Korean homework! Check out some of the pictures below as we toured different historic sites, headed to the biggest amusement park in Korea and took in some one-of-a-kind views!

So what mysterious things have I been up to for the past 2 weeks causing all this delay? Homework ofcourse! But never fear, there has been an adjustment period that I needed and now every weekend should be full of some degree of exploring – starting with taking in this whole campus and the adjacent street of wonders (essentially a street full of parks and cool art!). Since Chuseok I’ve had a chance to look into school clubs and other opportunities and there may just be more than I can chew! I’ve taken a place in the biking, hiking, photography, environmental and bird-watching clubs – we’ll see how much I can contribute to these almost non-English speaking groups! The past couple of days have also given me a chance to do some research into environmental opportunity and issues currently in Korea…almost all sites and topics lead to one underlying issue it seems – the “Four Rivers Restoration Project”! Look it up for yourself, it isn’t pretty or green like it may sound, its actually quite terrifying.

And for my records, a comparison of some good and bad I have seen so far in Korea:

Good [Bad]:
-Korean food is cheap and healthy [Western food is expensive yet so delicious!]
-I’m vegetarian, hoorah! [Almost all food here has loads of meat…except water!]
-I can always find some space on transit [Koreans love to push around and almost never sit next to a foreigner!]
-Transit is sooo cheap! [The bus is like a roller-coaster!]
-It seems there are endless groups and clubs to join! [Koreans can be very exclusive…]
-I have a kitchen to cook at! [Induction stoves mean hard-to-find $$$ induction pans!!!]
-Super-fast wireless all-over campus! [except at the residences argh]
-The sidewalks are wide, clean and full of vendors and nice shops! [There are cars and motorbikes driving ON the sidewalks!]
-…..[Koreans sneeze and cough everywhere without covering their mouths! Everyone is getting sick!]

I guess its no surprise so many people are sneezing and coughing as the weather has dramatically become fall-like this week (hooray!). Assuming I can fit a mountain hike in next week, expect some colorful and high altitude pictures! For me it is fall but mainly winter I love most, what season do you enjoy the most and why? Here’s hoping everyone is adjusting to the changing season and increasing workload, talk to you soon!


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