Motivated…for a better Ontario! Vote!

This is a very important post for me and hopefully will be a very useful post for you (especially if you live in the beautiful province of Ontario!)

What is so important? Probably the most critical provincial election that Ontario has faced in decades (in my opinion) is coming up very soon, this October 6th…

Why do I feel this election is so crucial? As global climate, social tensions in Asia and economic crisis across the world hit a crossroads, so does the potential for political leaders to decide whether we will continue the current trajectory, reach a new “normal” or perhaps innovate, challenge and reverse the damage that is occurring. For Ontario – for the most part – the past few years have been quite remarkable in terms of what could be called “progress”. In comparison to most places around the world, there has been major and sometimes leading policies around water, air and wildlife protection, with the landmarks being the green energy act and phase out of coal. There is much work to still be done to build and strengthen these protections, but many of these policies futures hinge on the election!

So I put before you what I hope is unbiased resources to help you make an informed decision about voting on October 6th (or advanced voting now). This election, just like the Federal election, puts many current and future policies regrading environmental protection, social services, healthcare and education in the balance.

Here we go:

Rating the party in many ways:

Report Cards for the parties:
Personal rating:
Keep it green:

Action! VOTE!

Power your vote:
Students, VOTE!:
Voting info:

On a final separate interesting note, here are some extremely wise words for our rather disconnected Prime Minister, from the man who says it best and tells it all:


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