The fights, the wins and losses….

Hi everyone!

This latest post in what I guess is environmentally focused news I have found of significance centers around some recent major milestones, incredible victories (big and small) as well as not so pleasant “losses” – especially in the U.S and Canada.

For starters, a positive note, Greenpeace is celebrating 40 years! If you aren’t already a part of this incredible movement, you are missing out on some great leadership opportunities, knowledge on global issues, and being part of transforming human business and behaviour into a more sustainable form!

They love to poke fun to make change, even at themselves!

Their success is highlighted by a string of recent victories in which 4 of the largest clothing and apparel chains in the world – Puma, Nike, Adidas and H&M (in that order) – were made to Detox! What does that mean? The goal was essentially to work with the companies to create a long-term management plan to remove all hazardous exiting chemicals from every part of the production cycle. The result, commitments by all 4 companies to globally transform how they produce and manage their wastes, with goals to eliminate all hazardous waste by 2020! Incredible!

An amazing global event (also supported by Greenpeace) just happened on September 24th – Moving Planet! Be inspired by this amazing international call (and response) to action and strong communities hosted by!

And for my original home, good news too!

And then the battles not won (or not yet!):

A major loss for Canada, there are petitions and protests to overturn this, but it looks grim for our fragmenting atmosphere:

The jokes on us, and on them.

Truth and beauty…

The best way perhaps to end this are these neat video trailers and starters with a theme of “change” and “rethink”, enjoy!

Have an organic day, everyone!


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