This incredible world in green and black…

Hi everyone,

So I haven’t been adding too much to this section of my blog due to my current trip and all it entails in Seoul, South Korea. I will try and add some of my perspectives and interests here as it relates to the environment since, well, it is kinda the center of my life.

Here are some news stories I recently read, they gave me quite a bit to think about…

Humanity changing the course of evolution?

More than just diamonds, a smart astrophysicist!

Too much heat and not enough delicious cooked food – why not both!

Climate change land baby…

Turning back the clock on a healthy, green US…one congress.

A war worth fighting for – 40 years and counting


Some common thought?

Whats your favorite moment in nature?
Favorite picture of the outdoors (perhaps one you took yourself?)?
Most exciting thing you want to do in/for the environment!

Feel free to discuss or perhaps ask yourself these questions, the answer may surprise you!

Have a green day! :]


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