Starting School and wrapping it all in!

Settling into the city but sometimes still got my head in the clouds…

The past week in Seoul has been incredible…

After adjusting to the culture, place, people and food (or atleast the most I can in a week) I have started to really relax and enjoy this bustling and dynamic city.

Then school started.

Haha ok its not that bad, school is certainly difficult (my classes are in English though!) but I am incredibly grateful for every moment of what is truly a rare and precious opportunity. I get to learn another language, take amazing courses in environment/earth science and finish my B.Sc and meet great new Korean and exchange students from all over the world! All this, plus the excitement and sights in one of the largest and most advanced cities in the world makes me feel spoiled. Thus I’m making sure to work as hard as I can and learn a thing or two! My education on this campus (Seoul National University) is for now composed of a 4-hour per weekday intensive language class + a once-a-week course in International Environmental Organizations, a dream for me to learn about, actually. If any of you have any cool organizations you want to let me know about or research, that would be really useful to expand both my horizons and topic choices for an essay (any are welcome as essay topics for this course are as diverse as the course title!).

Though my trip focuses on the experience of an exchange and learning in a new environment, the added challenge (and bonus) of dealing with a newly written and spoken landscape is the real highlight for me. I really do recommend to anyone who wants to learn a language to go on an exchange or internship or even vacation to the homeland of that language – it will make all the difference. For me it has proven so true…thanks to my Korean class and the “class” all around me, I can now fully read Korean – in just a week!

So yes, as my above post suggests so far I have not seen that many mystical or majestic sights of what is a fitting description for the city. That will come in time once I have bought and settled and well, had an actual break between campus life and homework! And so the other end of my days is finding and learning all there is to do on campus, joining new clubs, meeting my Korean buddy group and new foreigners, events, a movie or two, and lots of networking and laughs!

A coming holiday of “Chuseok” – similar to Thanksgiving – will undoubtedly give me pictures and stories to share with whomever may read this! I hope my blog gives you all ideas and inspiration on what to see and do and perhaps eat in Korea (especially if you are vegetarian or like Indian food! ;] ). Most of all I hope this blog can give you lessons and insight into the emotional experience I hope this trip will be for me, and maybe eventually you, too.

Next post will be all things needed for my Seoul life – then Chuseok, enjoy these final days of summer and welcome fall with open arms everyone! :]


2 thoughts on “Starting School and wrapping it all in!”

  1. What a nice post this is! I like photos u used. Did u took that photos? If then, u r a really good photographer. Ah. In fact i am a member of snu buddy. Kkk see u tmr

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