300 Days…300 blog posts?!?

Hopefully this didn’t scare you too much to run away and not read my blog!

All jokes aside, this is the place you can look to to find my summaries and perspectives as I journey to different parts of Korea starting this September? Why am I going? Well to become cultured, historied, learned of language and completed of degree in science…the real fun begins with masters after this, haha…*cough*

Not sure how much of that made sense up there but I am off to an International Exchange (UofT has great opportunities for you too! Check out the CIE)!

Ideally I will post here every 2-3 days, as well as for super-special occasions (at my discretion I hope) and definitely atleast once a week – expect some pictures that I hope will give you a window into what I see, do and learn as the year (10 months) progresses.

To all I am departing, fear not! I will remain in touch – find my email and skype info on my facebook (sorry creepers, that info is only for dear friends!) as well as eventually my phone should I get a cellphone (yes it is possible for me to finally get one, please pick that jaw off the floor). It certainly is a balance of emotions between my excitement, nervousness, sadness (at leaving) and perhaps some anticipation – but it will be a win-win!

Why? I will learn to handle a world without the backbone of awesomeness that is my local network, and all you will get to live that “wonderful life” seeing dramatic changes as one person leaves (if there is any real change, I take this sarcasm back). I hope this prepares me for the next phase in my education, opens up new opportunities for me, especially in learning about international environmental innovations, initiatives and practices. Most importantly, I think this will give me a few doses of reality versus our North American reality…what that will be remains to be seen. The obvious big one lastly is it will make me appreciate all of you EVEN more!

I will keep on open mind, open lens and open heart, where my education may take me is an adventure I am ready to start!

Stay tuned, all of you (friends/family) keep me posted on your happenings too please!

See you soon ❤

(Did I mention I get to travel into the future while on my plane…AWESOME!)


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