Days 8 to 11 – Exploring Canada’s wild east, Newfoundland!

It’s been an incredibly fast-paced journey so far since time really does seem to catch up with us as we travel for ever-longer stretches of time. I can now say I am fully adapted to any bus ride anywhere after what we have experienced! :]

Speaking of journeys, who would have thought we would travel in so many ways? Today after a lengthy coach ride I bid farewell to Deyana who took VIA rail (1st class thanks to an express deal) back to Toronto via Montreal from Halifax. Now it was time for me to head to Newfoundland…6 hours by shuttle car and 17 hours by ferry later…I made it.

Now, as horrible as that travel sounds, the ferry was more like a luxury cruise ship!


Newfoundland (mainly St.John’s) was to be one of the most surprising portions of my trip since I was now alone (gasp) and essentially at the whim and epic ideas of Meaghan and her equally awesome Aylward family (though I have yet to see the siblings!). Not only did she let me stay with the family but probably wrapped me in more culture and happiness than any of us anticipated (even she was shocked!).

The days were made of some pretty amazing scenes:

Haunted tours…

Not so haunted (new word alert) whalish tours…

A bird extravaganza…

The Cape corner of the world…

And truly beyond me, Meaghan or her friend Meaghan (yes thats right), an enormous pod of near-shore, breaching and totally awesome whales off the coast! (RARE ALERT!!! Have your puffin, er – puffer ready!)

Best for last – Nessie (its real!)

Thank you Meaghan and all the Aylwards for amazing memories, Newfoundland was by far overall the best experience I had – the food so fresh and fine, everyone so kind, the whale-watching sublime! I will be back for more asap! I need copies of all your songs Meaghan! 😀

And the real best for last, the incredible voice of Meaghan and her choir, it really was something special and wonderful (this picture is actually worth 2000 words!)…


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