Days 5 to 7 – A vivid island, deep history and a masterpiece!

Our adventure continues in what is known as “The Gentle Island”…Prince Edward Island.

Despite its small size, small economy, small population and small political influence, this province has won me over in a big way. Me and Deyana enjoyed a thorough exploration of P.E.I on day 5. Having enjoyed a beach and lighthouses, eco-awesome technology and all things Confederation Bridge at Cape Jourimaine, we moved on to taking in the unexpected architecture and lush landscaping in Charlottetown.


The people on the roads here are incredibly courteous, along with the fact that there are so many huge squares and plazas (and even roads) that are just for pedestrians…fantastic. The next day began with a surprise performance as usual, a dramatic and colourful display by the local theatre group telling us a story of the local First Nations (take a guess!) with drama, storytelling and dance. It brought a big smile to everyone’s face, especially considering only donations were taken and all of it went to support the theatre/arts centre.

Before we moved on to our main destination, the mystical P.E.I National Park, a few “interesting” things happened…I bought an awesome t-shirt and my first flip flops, hooray to bad foot posture! But no really, the main thing that happened was something apparently only me (and later Deyana) saw in the entire city.

There it was, up in the sunny sky, a small patch of dark clouds and…within it…it came…

A funnel cloud. Also known as a pre-tornado…in Atlantic Canada!?!

Though I ran to try and catch a full shot of it (it nearly reached the ground and spun treacherously) it quickly came and went (less than a 3 minutes) and all I could record was this. There was no commotion and I am still in awe…not sure what else to say, it’s the first ever seen for me and a check off my bucket list~

Moving on, the day was overall fantastic as we kayaked through the varied coast (rocky, cliffs, forests, marsh and beach) and explored the seemingly harmonious balance between humans and nature. It was perfect, more-so by the tour of “things-I-would-have-missed” given to us by our wonderful BNB hosts as they drove us back down to Charlottetown, here’s a glimpse of the cool:


Day 6 was all about Halifax as we entered Nova Scotia for the first time (I will return back after going to Newfoundland!)…well that and an extremely long bus ride (but this time we actually caught the bus! Score!). The day was made up of exploring the outer grounds of the Halifax Citadel as well as the totally complete-and-not-under-construction-or-dingy-in-any-way-and-super-attractive-boardwalk/waterfront…something I think every city in Canada should be very jealous of!

The day hit a satisfying conclusion after looking through the Halifax public gardens and commons…we were pretty much speechless after seeing the quality of the spaces, landscaping and delicious ice cream! I can’t believe this city has such deep history, architecture, greenery and a waterfront! All with the comforts of a modern city respecting its past…

I wonder if I should move here?


The final day for my amazing friend Deyana concluded with a short hike past the citadel to explore the rather anti-climatic Halifax Museum if Natural History. I guess watching Night at the Museum stretched my expectations rather significantly…it was still some great exhibits, just not as much as I expected. A short trip and confirmation later, Deyana hopped onto her luxury VIA Rail cabin (express deals rock!) and I prepared for bus-off to Newfoundland, see you next post!


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