Day 1 – The Journey

After much anticipation we (myself and Deyana) are heading off to Atlantic Canada to learn and explore! (that’s the coast by the way, Dad, not west!) šŸ˜›

Today’s post will be short since much of what this day entails is…sitting and typing! We are Megabussing it up to Montreal where I hope to see atleast one interesting attraction or feature of that bilingual city before jumping onto VIA Rail for a sleepy ride to Moncton, that will be our first place to explore in the East!


So we have reached Montreal, and low and behold we find out our VIA Train to Moncton is sold out (only 1 seat left!)! Ah the horror…but ultimately we get bus tickets and so stay in Montreal a bit longer…and it was worth it:

There were 2 festivals going on that day, one a Just for Laughs festival and the other celebrating different forms of African culture, very cool.


The bus ride was for 14 hours (ended up being 16 hours) and that was quite painful, I guess it built up my resiliency or character or something but anyways we are in Atlantic Canada at last! Hello new time zone, exciting people and places, Harry Potter pt.2 (finally a good movie and ending to the series, I must confess~) and delicious east coast food! ^^


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